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I send you, I glory
It was dark outside, sweet taste, wind chill car because we have air conditioning, warm spring. Suddenly, far away, never know who is in the fireworks, the fireworks, gorgeous much appearance, first, then climbed up hard layers fall off, end disappear in the night bosom.

"Wonderful!". Little niece praise way, "like the stairs."

Yeah, really good beautiful, like the stairs rotation,discount ugg boots bailey button 5803 black
it as another upward, must be attached to the kingdom of heaven. One end Suddenly, I feel cold, but I said nothing, I'm afraid this terror in the family spreading.

The third day of night, two uncle called and said grandma died. Hearing the news, I very calm. I know my grandma on New Year's eve, on the night of the kingdom of heaven had already taken steps, to find herself lost memory.

Grandma died, surrounded by no one. That day was the elder accompany her, but she always took elder sister-in-law called sister, let elder sister-in-law upset, then alone to sleep, woke one morning to find my grandma has already gone. How to fix to this kind of pain, there is no fear without the "go" and "walk" still so serene tranquility, in my heart for grandma blessing.

Put down the phone, father said nothing, walked out the door all the Spring Festival couplets are ripped, this home, has not like the way it was complete.

I think in the air, grandma must see it, no matter what her brain blank, will remember whether, here is his own family, have their own deep love family...

Suddenly, the fragrant grass growing up and clarity to, grandma's ashes being shipped back,ugg classic mini boots 5854
with grandpa was buried into '. But before long, the mother said, always dreamt grandma, dressed in rags and well to her crying.

"Her life outside, now back, unavoidably been bullied." Mother said, "next month, is her birthday, your return."

And so, in that weekend in the Christmas day, we came to grandma's tomb in silence, wheat around earing hard spit flowers. And we brought, it is a little kingdom, villas, houses, cars, servant, and a lot of MingBi calculated by billion. Although all are paper silks, but also together brush set a.

Began, but match damp, father how also cross it. Brother carry-on lighters, also left in his car. Several people, were not rowed, it's my turn to hand, "who la" 1, tiny flame unexpectedly soared into the sky, lit my hand MingBi thick.

At that moment, my tears. Grandma, so you still care about me,ugg boots sundance
about my attitude toward you, so, by my to ignite your kingdom. In fact, when you face the vicissitudes appeared in front of me, I had left to you, love. Grandma, forgive my companion in ignorance...

A breeze blows, all of the ash as if by people scattered equably heid on, in graves. Grandma, in fact......, what do you know


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