iPhone 6 catches fire after being bent in a front pocket

We’ve all seen the reports, both in video and print forms. The iPhone 6 $199.00 at Verizonand 6 Plus $299.00 at Verizon are not the sturdiest smartphones out there. Apple says this is not an issue, and that as long as you take care of your phone and don’t do anything crazy to it you won’t have any problems. That sounds almost reasonable, but doesn’t really address anything. We still don’t know what happens when you’ve had this phone for a couple of months, or what the worst case is when you do accidentally apply too much pressure to the handset. Unfortunately, thanks to Phillip Lechter, we have an answer now for the worst case.
If you’ve ever been for a ride in a pedicab or rickshaw, you know that accidents happen. As a passenger, these accidents are largely out of your control. It’s kind of like sitting on a rolling couch that all of a sudden decides to eject you to the harsh ground below, which is usually a road. This doesn’t happen often, especially with skilled drivers, but like all accidents they do occasionally happen. Phillip Lechter was recently involved in such an accident, but instead of being ejected from the couch he was just slammed up against the side of the seat. That’s when his iPhone 6, which was in a leather case, caught fire in his front pocket.

Based on Mr. Lechter’s description of events, the force of his body up against the wall of the petticab bent the iPhone in his pocket in such an extreme fashion that the battery was punctured. Once you’ve punctured a smartphone battery, a fire is just about always what happens next. The fire caused a 11.5 x 10.5cm second-degree burn surrounded by first degree burn areas. It’s not a guarantee that bending your phone will puncture your battery, but for the phone to have bent while inside of Apple’s leather case is significant.
The bottom line seems to be clear. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are fragile, and Apple isn’t going to do anything to fix it. If you want an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you are going to have to take care of it. It’s not like phones exploding and burning are a new or unique phenomenon, but this generation of iPhones is clearly a little on the fragile side. Whether that means a rugged case or a delicate touch is up to you, but at the end of the day that is the cost of owning one of these devices.

Never buy curtains again: 27 inspiring DIY curtains you can make yourself

I’m okay with the price of domestic plane tickets in general.

I know you were wondering.

Not that I enjoy paying for them, but I generally feel that transporting me through the air, defying gravity, is a service that should cost something. If Delta tried to send me to California for $3.99, I might feel suspicious.

However, based on my limited (and in some cases, nonexistent) knowledge of the world, there are many things that do cost more than they “should,” in The Economy According to Me. Here’s an incomplete list:

1. Lamps (Should be $10 a piece. Up to $50 if it’s fancy.)

2. Rugs ($2 a yard!)

3. Healthcare (Shazam, just dropped a current event on your face!)

4. Faucets

5. Underwear (How much did it REALLY cost you to make this tiny thing? Also, perhaps granny panties should be charged a different rate. But I don’t make the rules.)
Curtains and curtain rods.

Because curtains, after all, are just fabric. Much like underwear. And because they generally cost more than they “should,” curtains are an excellent candidate to make yourself. Today I’ve rounded up the most giant, inspiring list of DIY curtain ideas from some of my favorite DIY blogs so when it’s time to dress your nekkid windows, you can do so for less than the cost of a few pair of fancy-pants underpants.

Mark Hinson: How do you fight back when your clothes attack?

I don’t understand men who let their wives, girlfriends, mothers or lovers buy their clothes for them.

When I was a child, my long-suffering mother spent several years bringing home very nice pants, jackets and shirts from Schreiber’s men’s store in downtown Marianna for me to wear, only to have me twitch, complain and scoff. If I did not pick them out myself, I wanted nothing to do with them. What an ungrateful brat.

Years later, my first wife gave up buying any clothes for me, if you don’t count the straitjacket she wanted to throw on me shortly before our divorce.

These days, my lovely wife, Amy, buys me jackets and sweaters at Christmas and I actually like most of them. She doesn’t try to dress me up in those tropical Tommy Bahama-style resort outfits that may as well be surrender flags to middle age. Amy knows that I have odd, misguided and unreasonable opinions about personal fashion, so she leaves well enough alone.

When it comes to buying underwear and socks, well, that is hard enough to do on your own, much less having an outside party try to pick out your unmentionables. I have the worst luck finding socks that fit.

The other day, on a whim at Costco, I bought a package containing three pairs of dress socks made by Cole Haan, a Chicago fashion label that makes tasteful clothes and shoes. Plus, the socks were cheap. My wife does not call me Lt. Col. Costco for nothing.

The following week, I put on my fresh pair of Costco Haans and noticed that they were more like high-riding stockings than dress socks. The bands were tight around my legs, just below my knees, and I don’t have the bulging calves of a body-builder.

Around noon at work, I noticed that I could no longer sense movement in my toes. It was like I was wearing two tourniquets. I couldn’t feel my feet but I could dang sure feel the band cutting into my leg like one of those torture games in those horrible “Saw” movies. In a cloud of curse words, I pulled the constricting Costco Haans down around my ankles until it looked like I was wearing fuzzy donuts. You win again, pythons of the sock world.

Amy laughed when I told her my sad tale of woe after I got home. She told me that her father, a large man who wore a size 12 shoe, had the same problem.

“I remember him cursing when he was getting dressed for school or church, ‘You son of hell you, these are baby socks. These are sock for babies,’” Amy said.

In my early days, after being repeatedly bitten by socks as a child, I decided to stop wearing them. When I was 11, 12 and 13, I rarely wore socks with my sneakers. It worked great until puberty really kicked in and my sock-free feet began to reek. I nearly killed the Harrison family one summer afternoon during a road trip to Panama City Beach when I took off my sweaty Keds in the car. The Chevy station wagon began to swerve and weave as the fumes filled the car. Toxic toe strikes again.

Oh, no, it’s the underwear bear

When my nephew, Hub Cub, 14, was a child he was always asking me to read aloud from the “Captain Underpants” series of books. They told the ongoing adventures of two mischievous fourth-graders at the Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Jerome Horwitz, by the way, is better known as Curly from “The Three Stooges.”

The two kids have the power to hypnotize their egg-shaped principal, Mr. Krupp, and turn him into Captain Underpants. He’s a bungling superhero who wears a red cape, a humongous pair of “tighty-whities” BVD-style underwear and nothing else. He looks as ridiculous as most grown men do in a pair of tighty-whities briefs — such as the iconic image of Walter White standing pantless in the middle of the road in the opening episode of “Breaking Bad.”

When I was a baby, I’m pretty sure that even my diapers were boxers. If you wear boxers, especially in Florida, you have a built-in bathing suit with you at all times.

I’ve told this story before, so please indulge me while I tell it again to prove my preference.

In 1999, Amy and I joined a pack of friends in the hillsides of Tuscany south of Florence. We stayed in a villa that was built in the middle of a grape orchard. It was picture-postcard stuff.

Our airliner Delta, which is an acronym for Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive, lost our suitcases on the flight over to the Old World. Amy and I arrived in our Tuscan paradise with nothing more than the clothes we had on. There wasn’t a Superlo Wal-Marti in the nearest village, Panzano, so we hit an open-air flea market to buy enough fresh underwear to last until the luggage showed up.

The Italians are a fashion-conscious people but they have different ideas when it comes to designing men’s boxer shorts. I was grabbed inappropriately and often by my cheap Tuscan Underoos.

“You have to stop twitching and tugging,” my wife said while I danced the Watusi at a wine festival. “The Italians are going to think you’ve gone mental.”

By dinner time, the boxers finally stopped their campaign of torment and, by bedtime, I found out why. The seams in the crotch were blown completely out. The flea-market boxers had magically transformed themselves into a comfy kilt.

“I am the Highlander,” I said as I modeled my boxer-skirt. “There can be only one.”

Hey, they were still better than tighty-whities, which are cursed in my family.

During my older brother Robert’s early years at Golson Elementary School in Marianna, each classroom came equipped with its own private bathroom. There was always some emergency bladder matter, upchuck incident or something much worse going down in those days. Having an extra loo within easy skipping distance was a smart thing.

One day, Robert made a dash to the john behind the coat rack but was a little slow leaving the gate. Robert decided to destroy the evidence by flushing his tighty-whities down the toilet.

This, of course, clogged the can and sent water cascading into the classroom. It also brought the janitor running with the proper tools to perform field surgery on the backed-up bowl.

After a few minutes of mumbled cursing and complaining, the janitor emerged from the water closet with a pair of long tongs. He held the offending undergarment up high for all the class to see.

Unfortunately, Robert had been shipped off to summer camp earlier that year and my mother had stenciled his name in every one of his BVDs.

“Do you want me to send these back home with you, Robert?” the janitor said. “Or should I just keep them here?”

Hooray for Captain Underpants!

The momentousness aliment repercussion knowledge

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Copy Watches

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Chanel Wallets and handbags Put Style

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Procuring Brand-new Chanel Designer handbags

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I send you, I glory

It was dark outside, sweet taste, wind chill car because we have air conditioning, warm spring. Suddenly, far away, never know who is in the fireworks, the fireworks, gorgeous much appearance, first, then climbed up hard layers fall off, end disappear in the night bosom.

"Wonderful!". Little niece praise way, "like the stairs."

Yeah, really good beautiful, like the stairs rotation,discount ugg boots bailey button 5803 black
it as another upward, must be attached to the kingdom of heaven. One end Suddenly, I feel cold, but I said nothing, I'm afraid this terror in the family spreading.

The third day of night, two uncle called and said grandma died. Hearing the news, I very calm. I know my grandma on New Year's eve, on the night of the kingdom of heaven had already taken steps, to find herself lost memory.

Grandma died, surrounded by no one. That day was the elder accompany her, but she always took elder sister-in-law called sister, let elder sister-in-law upset, then alone to sleep, woke one morning to find my grandma has already gone. How to fix to this kind of pain, there is no fear without the "go" and "walk" still so serene tranquility, in my heart for grandma blessing.

Put down the phone, father said nothing, walked out the door all the Spring Festival couplets are ripped, this home, has not like the way it was complete.

I think in the air, grandma must see it, no matter what her brain blank, will remember whether, here is his own family, have their own deep love family...

Suddenly, the fragrant grass growing up and clarity to, grandma's ashes being shipped back,ugg classic mini boots 5854
with grandpa was buried into '. But before long, the mother said, always dreamt grandma, dressed in rags and well to her crying.

"Her life outside, now back, unavoidably been bullied." Mother said, "next month, is her birthday, your return."

And so, in that weekend in the Christmas day, we came to grandma's tomb in silence, wheat around earing hard spit flowers. And we brought, it is a little kingdom, villas, houses, cars, servant, and a lot of MingBi calculated by billion. Although all are paper silks, but also together brush set a.

Began, but match damp, father how also cross it. Brother carry-on lighters, also left in his car. Several people, were not rowed, it's my turn to hand, "who la" 1, tiny flame unexpectedly soared into the sky, lit my hand MingBi thick.

At that moment, my tears. Grandma, so you still care about me,ugg boots sundance
about my attitude toward you, so, by my to ignite your kingdom. In fact, when you face the vicissitudes appeared in front of me, I had left to you, love. Grandma, forgive my companion in ignorance...

A breeze blows, all of the ash as if by people scattered equably heid on, in graves. Grandma, in fact......, what do you know

Man's tears

Mother-in-law away. The third day head, to her old man limited.tiffanyco925 sterling silver tiffany jewelry pendants
This is folk, although I was a Mongolian, but took a daughter-in-law is han, natural to follow daughter-in-law for mother-in-law burn some paper money, do some filial piety, besides mother-in-law is a very worthy of me to his filial old man. Dongshan upper hand is very big, occasionally have just burnt by the wind usually, piaoxiang gray goo goo sky.

Just come back from the airport the eldest brother walking in front of him. Eldest brother is mother-in-law's godson, tall, fifty, my hair is going grey many. Walk up along the steps, eldest brother eyes filled with tears, see have he took his glasses, from the pocket wiped his eyes movements towel secretly, you know that sorrow has started in his heart together. Eldest brother led the sisters and brothers who yellow paper burned to ashes, let all the way from the mountain, then came into new in-laws, grave and bow down to them one to the elder, complete, kowtow to convert of the soul.

From the dongshan back on, about noon, we at home sitting around two tables and together dining table for dinner. Of course, this is also the first no mother-in-law attend family meals. According to the old rules: elder brother to speak. Eldest brother etc female people from the kitchen mangwan one, he just takes a seat, slowly lift cup, he said: "I said two words." Paused, eldest brother eyes fell on brothers and sisters face, open your mouth, but not below, just as open the mouth. Suddenly, his hands shaking up the mugs, then, before we come to his senses, a disturbing voice from his throat ringing, he began to SOB, it is a kind of make person suffocate voice, if not timely accompanied by the tears, it will let all people feel weak life will be falling bottomless thou. Ok, eldest brother tears then a surge. In a flash, the tears have engulfed the dinner everyone's eyes. This is man's tears, I especially stressed is man's tears, this is not I have great man's doctrine, but at that moment tendency in their own I was puzzled tears. This problem I also passed a thought,ugg kids boots blackberry wine 5991
just had a probable answer. I think: others not to said he, personally, I was moved by man's tears.

Man's tears? Don't tear also points of men and women? When I was to points, firmly to answer this question. Why? This problem I did not pass the brain did answer: because a woman is water, tears but is their results of physical stress. As for man's tears, to use adage is called, 'men do not easily shed tears, just not to the sad. '