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Success is to do simple things repeatedly
A famous marketing master, say goodbye to his selling career, should industry association and the social from all walks of life in the city, he will invite the largest stadium, do farewell speech of his career.

That day, the hall was filled, people in eagerly, waiting anxiously for the contemporary most great salesman make wonderful speech. When the curtain slowly opened, the stage is the central hanging a huge iron ball. For this, the iron ball on the hob put up tall.

An old man in people's warm applause came out, and stood in the hob side. He wore a red tracksuit, feet is a pair of white rubber boots.

People are surprised to looked at him, don't know that he intended to make any moves.

Then the two workers, carrying a big hammer, put in man's presence. Host to the audience at speak: please two strong man, onto the stage. Many young people have to stand up, turn the two existing fast ran to the stage.

The old man told them that the rules of the game, please they use this great hammer, to beat the hanging iron ball until it swings up. A young man rob to picked up the hammer, posture, opened the blows of big hammer, hanging efforts to the iron ball hit, a acoustic shock ear sound, lob moved. Still He then suffered with big hammer hit the lob, he soon panting. Another man are also running the lob over big hammer play tinkling ring, but iron ball still remained motionless. NaHanSheng below, the audience was gradually didn't like maintain that is useless, just waiting for the old man to make explanation.

The restored calm, the old man from coat pockets,then taking a small hammer seriously faces the huge iron ball beat up.

He had a small hammer the iron ball to tap the "dong", then paused, again with little hammer "dong" to tap the. People, old man looked strange that "dong", then tap the pause, so continue to do.

10 minutes passed, and 20 minutes passed, the venue had already begun the commotion, some people simply name-calling up, people use various sound and movement vent their discontent. The old man still knock down on a small hammer stopped a working, as he didn't hear what people calling in. People began to leave, the wrath but appeared on big chunks of vacancy. Stay people seem also shout tired, the gradually quieted down.


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