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Fill with sorrow fragmentary life
There is a boy, his life star-crossed lovers.

Fate lane person. I really don't know the boy in his previous incarnations are made of wickedness and he what life was so sad and lonely.

Who knows, fate will follow him twice a big joke.

In his first two full years of age, his mother and helpless more ruthless left him.classic short 5825 women ugg boots in grey
From then on, he became a no mama of children.

In fact, his mother's runaway its roots due to him that good wine's father.

His father ferial alcohol, is especially good beer-guzzling drinker, is also a real farmers. Ferial in heaven, most of time I have yet to see bright, already out late, late home three points when not wake, seven points drunk, is booze-besotten drunk. As for his daytime what the people in the village, we know at all.

His father good wine of the "bad habits" in our country is not be people respect, so, there are a few iman says his father for "lousy drunk."

His father in addition to good wine beyond,louis vuitton shoulder messenger bag m42230
temper also very angry. Every time when I come home drunk, is their mother, ruthless suffers abuse wife, loud AZe less than two year old son.

Finally, in two years later, the boy's mother can't stand his father drunken relentless harassment. And so, in his first two full years of age, then living left him.

Two years later, we learn of his mother, and there's already going to remarry children, have a happy and sweet home.

His father in fact in this period of two years had countless times to his grandmother home looking for his mother, and hope to restructuring has fragmented family, but ultimately no results.

When we learned that his mother had remarried others but also had news of the child, his father after he naturally know it. Our village was originally thought when his father know this matter will change after the bad habit, previously to manage his family, protect he's very small son. But finally who never thought that his father did not get rid of the bad habits of previous good wine, but more drink more formidable, almost everyday is a drunk.

The boy's father was so day after day, year after year, have been drunk down until the boy 8 years old.

Finally, spirits became boy father's great beginning -- or quick ending --.louis vuitton shoulder messenger bag m42230
His father in a late-night drunkenness home to door, because drink too much cause nerve not clear from the street a high candy fell down, unfortunately died off and left still only 8 years old of him.

The boy for a father's death, he was a child is like a storm in he has gray space very fierce, let him nowhere hide storm, only one person alone in a sad crouching in the corner of the sad cry.

Now the boy already 14 years old, though he has two uncle has been cared for, the life also is carefree. But a quirk of fate always let he couldn't forget mother deserted, father's away. His heart was still full of haze.


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