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Simple love flowers
There was a TV show, the host asked those trips the male guest, their ideal lover is what kind of?

The first man said, young, beauty, figure is close friends, looks like a picture just good.

The second guy says, not necessarily beautiful, but not less than a meter tall period, piano,chanel short wallets sheepskin antique silver 2590
chess, calligraphy and painting must understand points.

The third said, appearance, but can be average-these with degrees, the best is undergraduate course, I cannot and junior middle school graduate people talking.

The fourth person said, what general is fine, but too soft with water, though, or as Japanese female talent.

Last man turn say, he contemplated for a while and said, no conditions, only I feel she is bound to arise in my life, which I will love is, I will choose her. Because love should not have too much imagination and conditions, love is just a simple flower, it should be true, as we speak, drink water, the usual eat, so, as long as I feel the girl is I should love one, I don't need conditions.

His speech was won the applause.moncler womens vest gaelle waistcoat purple
The TV show matchmaker he was selected for the most popular man, and in the end, only he speed-dating succeeded. Look at the girl happy smiling face, I know happiness has been at their side.

Actually many things are so, don't imagine it too complex such as vacuum drying oven, electric drum wind drying oven, trolley oven drying oven, industrial oven as the tedious, love, it should be just a simple flower, opened in field, natural, beautiful, wear it can tell you wander to the edge, if you want to give love plus many conditions and notes, that would not be pure love.

There was a boy and a girl, but boy then special love except for girls love nothing. In order to give the girls a stable future, the boy left girl went far away chuang world. Ten years later, the boy became wealthy men, but also forever lost girl. The girl said, I would rather keep the underprivileged and your love, also not willing to have everything now. Love should be like air as well as water, have it, we would have the world's treasure, what also can't return for it, it can make our day seem to enrich and rich, can let us ordinary life is full of orchestra, but without it, if a world treasure also have what use, it was a piece of goods just.

So, simply understand love, it's just a open in the heart bottom most modest flowers,chanel evening handbags bags 37252 red
if you are forced to give it plus any ornament, that only makes this flower more false, you add something more as it ugly, until there is simply no longer ulterly changed, the shadow of love. So, in order to let it go with you there, let it just a simple flower


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