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Cactus flower for whom in full bloom
The woman that year of hearing people say a folk prescription, with cactus scrambled eggs treatment of ovarian cyst. We listen to feel can good, know the cactus has antiphlogistic effect, so I began to collect cactus.

That woman said to me, when she was eight mothers sister big bleed died,flap bags 47048 beige
mother QiChu appearance vivid. Her tears flow everywhere sound extremely lowlands said to me: "we don't child can?!" The day after she often said, just don't want children to chose you. Maybe her wishes, maybe her mother visions, and she really is not pregnant.

Then days, she suddenly said she had ovarian cyst, and said people told her a folk prescription: cactus scrambled eggs. Often eat can remove cysts.

At first, I think we although not living in the land of cactus, but find some oil-rich cactus should be easy. The stark fact isn't so, though there are many flowers city of cactus, but are edible, not how much work. Folk prescription requirement is that kind of stupid long, so I had to search in the streets and lanes. To walk there every day eyes were on the balcony, and yao people whose home a but see a cactus, just try every way to buy. Cactus in artificial efforts to be issued to enough. But remove the cactus above, have become the next carefully burr the difficult end.

Seen cactus knows that cactus thorn is a root under the big thorn grows a lap burr, burr plunge into the meat, the itch and clinking. Dive into flesh burr was especially difficult, often itching for several days to dial. Body always feel thorn calls.

Woman looked at my hand pierced full burr, lovingly side dial the spurs side kiss my hand,christian louboutin gold thin belt sandals clc172
thin body forward: let me out a share in sadness.

The woman gave me a pair of rubber gloves, rubber block sting like a praying mantis arm when the car, doesn't solve the problem. I found some TongBanZhi old pictorial, fold layers, to cover the cactus dial the thorn in tube some.

Indoor is full of burr, can't say where a firm, those days, always a levee burr.

Cactus kinds of doesn't give a woman problem solving, four hours of operation shall be done ovarian cyst. Cyst over and done with, and our marriage is over and done with. She said through the surgery, she see clear holocaust was everything. Her head is not to go back, go looking for happiness.

Or in the woman before the operation, one day,ugg kids boots chestnut 5251
I saw the remote place in the city a cactus, thin three blades, a see be malnutrition. The vendor said five yuan to sell, I'd like to go back to a change, add some consolidation-permeability combined fertilizer, long days can give women use. Then I said, I will let ternary. The vendor said, take it.

I sweat to hold back my studio, on windowsill. Still no change soil, woman is surgery.

Women's departure, melancholy I alone for several times, gazing at the windowsill the cactus, secretly frail tears. Don't know that I did anything wrong, god so punishment.


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