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Commemorative rebirth (read father)
I always remember that summer, a black summer. There seems to be no sunshine,ed hardy women lingerie 1832
because don't warm. World unfamiliar me, I also strange all over the world...
Five years old, dad braved neighbour's that nasty little boy (that brought my life down to the ground, then tread my belly to play until tread out the hateful guy) urine circle, but I turned can hide in the door secretly see, secretly wipe tears.
Seven years old, that guy, always chasing beat me to mine. When I ran from the gate to the kitchen to cry for help for mothers, dad sat in the room. However, he always didn't utter without a sound. I hate his indifference, that look really hate, hate.
Nine years old, I was a bunch of bad boy beat, nowhere to run, had to climb up a tree, stay on top portion tree face would not down. They use stone throw me, desperately use feet chuai tree, but I didn't cry. Because then I already know cry not solve any problem. Since then I have understood not everyone a guardian angel, at least, I didn't. They finally went off but I dare not bottom go to, because the too high. Climb The occasional wind blowing, I will never hold trunk can't relax. This time I yearn to dad can appear, can save me, although I'm sure he won't come. It was getting dark, dad is ultimately not appeared. I started to cry loudly, as I cry to * * * *, vaguely heard my mother's shouts. I hurriedly wiped away tears, but my body or the trembling in not controlled. I told my mother because I naughty to climb, when I climb up pick. Mom silent, just take my hand went back. Mom hands shaking, I painful, and I began to silent crying.
Don't know what it is,ghd leopard grain hair straighteners
just remember when the window is very bright moonlight, I was awakened by the 21-year-old birbin bags 40cm whiterocodile 6099 gold 12
Originally I again say talk in a dream. I say, mom, dad why don't you like me? Mom said, child, dad didn't do not like you, he just, just... I suddenly burst into tears, you're a liar, he just doesn't like me. Mom a will I fell into her arms. I don't know mom what were the expression, I only feel my head in the rain. So, I put the phrase "mom, I really was you pick back from dump?" swallowed up back. Hence, I swear, my world no longer have dad. In the next few years, we have been spent in the cold war.
I thought that we will spend their lives in the cold war, I thought that even if he died of that a moment, I also can't drop half drops of tears. But I was wrong, I'm really wrong. Blood is thicker than water is the unchangable truth, though how again between father?
The summer of 1998, father is sick, seems very serious, but I'm too lazy to listen. My usual eat, sleep, went to school as usual as usual.
Finally one day, my life starts a little confusion. Mom in sackcloth and said to me, I will accompany father safely go to Beijing, you heal to darling listen to grandma's words at home. I said, well, what time are you leaving? At the time, I probably wasn't aware that mother's left for me to mean something.
For a long time, mom just said, go and see your father! This, this is probably the last time you meet in this life...... I seem to be aware of the seriousness of this thing, and nodded his head. Mom touched my head to say, attitude better.
That day, just down the array son xiaoyu, ground and some wet,jimmy choo handbag red 1831
like my heart. And saw him, he was lying in the waiting room chair, he was thin a lot of. Probably because of pain, he frown, the body always tilt.
"Peace, be good friends with good study."
"Huh." I've been to learn, even if you never tube to me.


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