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Fall chess regretless (touching sad)
Is he taught her the renju under.

That year, she just, when in the company work wind, suddenly in a traffic accident, also hurt his leg, but need not heavy sanatorium for three months. Her house in the field, does anyone care, also worried that vacation time too long will be the boss "fired", the layers of anxiety, a few days time, people will thin from out of shape.

It want to, had to give him a call, he is her university students,louis vuitton shoulder messenger bag m42230
after graduation and in a city. Peacetime go drinking chat, is the kind of friend can laugh defy.

A call, he is almost run to see her. Looking at her dozen gesso legs, he did not hesitate, immediately the house from its original live move out, rented her the next room, burn tea cooking laundry mopping the floor, assume the care of her task. Don't trust her a person in the room. He told her: "occupy knock to walls, I'll be right over." They also about good sign, tap the is under water, two, three times to take things is to play chess is boring. He on-call.

She was trapped, depressed legs. He bought for snacks, DVD, fashion magazines, and a pair of renju. He often accompany her sitting on the balcony, a go dish, black and white and dichromatic chess, row, attack and defence, universal, gradually she was obsessed with this game.

With renju, having his company, her mood clear, restored the temperament DiaoMan wayward. Play chess together, win, she jubilant dance; Lost, she will play to depend on: "I read wrong, I want to HuiQi..."

By this time, he was smiling mouth and looked at her act in pettish, saying "wenches, louis vuitton shoulder messenger bag m42230
fell chess without regrets, which have you so chess?" But as she pushes to move back to the original location, afresh again.

He liked her, from high school entrance began. He was a shy boy, for three years and was admitted to her deskmate after graduation from university, reported in the same city and follow her, but always can't his heart like say, just silently beside her, and in her need, with the fastest speed drive over.

Have his nurture, she actually recover quickly,mbt shoes women chapa gtx white2
and can ShuangGuai walked walked a few steps, can run to the next he's in the room watching his cook soup. Looking at such a big man, bent for her in the kitchen to wash dishes congee, unavoidably move. She doesn't understand his unrequited love, but her heart, is flying in heaven bird, the outside world so wonderful, she how Ken was a cage tied wings?


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