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Elder sister, you in heaven
Elder sister, you leave me is the fifth day,blogexpose ultra good looking to fergie
I still immersed in a sad mood in, unable to face the reality of you go! I never thought that, no matter how also when I left you, go out for four days and learning just come to you again, you cannot around again and I say a word! If I can know is so of final outcome, even if again important work and learning, I also should put down! And the point of in your coma, also had heard my sister's call, and forced open absence eyes, but not liking me again! I know that you are gods of death struggle with death, that already ready to carry you off, yet I helpless, helplessly follow you suffer and suffering!

Since my father, mother, sister forever left us on, you'll take me as your closest person, I also of course to undertake monitoring and take care of your responsibility. Although you can't be like normal person that express your emotions, relatives are also unable to walk into your heart that lonely closed, but I still believe that you are the most honest good man, you are a vain! My restraining tears tidy up your belongings, you have seen before YiBenBen books, written YiGouGou brief language emerged recently, sight in old apartment for I tell you cheerfully sun yat-sen's story, narrated the scene of the Chinese revolution, I couldn't resist and DaFangBeiSheng!

Elder sister, I clearly remember,christian louboutin black sheepskin high boots cld015
my childhood the first photo is you took me to shoot and photography studio is there summer night, you look at starry sky, for I tells the story of the vega, with how many times, you like to mother for my bath, combs, with me, go with you of the classmate play... This memory distant and sweet! I still remember, the late 1960s, the mother worry you down and then let you suffer rural education, to interrupt ZhuanWaChang temping to residents' committees service, in the neighborhood, you work very hard and never sell crafty, but not play again, which hire top heart is uplifted you traumatized looking, from now on, your life was full of tragedy color... This unbearable to recall memories filled with bitter taste!

Elder sister, when I take you to hospital checking out in mind when you have diabetes,chloe sunglass purple 6503
all you never know sister how sad! I know, diabetes for elderly of you, would be frightening sheds! You don't know control own condition, more do not listen to relatives advice and arrangement, we part for your healing, but you on one side indulgence, causing your illness body go from bad to worse. These years, I have been for you to plays the role of mother and daughter, trying my best to take care of you, for your shot, buy medicine, care, whatever I labored body he2 fang, heart most concerned about only you, most can not let go of also only you! August 13, did not eat your illness, 14, fever, coughing, 15, will you send city hospital treatment, upon examination, two lungs serious infection, see you, and skinny deeloping pneumonia, I heartache from that you stay in the hospital, in that day on, I watch you day and night beside you, see you grow better condition, I'm very gratified, 21, unit sent me out, because is the earlier study determined, the unit does not allow leave things, I tell you I'm going out for the study, will be back in five days, and you made the necessary arrangements caregiving. 21 for you this morning, I also sent food, after the wash for you, I just take a care left you. On learning period, I still call chiam niece ask your care situation, know you well, I just took heart. But day and night, unexpectedly, in care, 24 but let you wrong, so that your condition on the 25th morning worsened. 25 noon, I received the call, s niece hurried out back, 3pm, when I arrived at your sickbed when you before was no longer able to say with me on a word! I call the sister enough trails, but you never fail to liking my one eye! Looking at critical illness, and death do you with the last of the contest, the doctor also no turning back! 25 ten at night, three minutes you stop breathing, over your life of bitterness.


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