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Man's tears
Mother-in-law away. The third day head, to her old man limited.tiffanyco925 sterling silver tiffany jewelry pendants
This is folk, although I was a Mongolian, but took a daughter-in-law is han, natural to follow daughter-in-law for mother-in-law burn some paper money, do some filial piety, besides mother-in-law is a very worthy of me to his filial old man. Dongshan upper hand is very big, occasionally have just burnt by the wind usually, piaoxiang gray goo goo sky.

Just come back from the airport the eldest brother walking in front of him. Eldest brother is mother-in-law's godson, tall, fifty, my hair is going grey many. Walk up along the steps, eldest brother eyes filled with tears, see have he took his glasses, from the pocket wiped his eyes movements towel secretly, you know that sorrow has started in his heart together. Eldest brother led the sisters and brothers who yellow paper burned to ashes, let all the way from the mountain, then came into new in-laws, grave and bow down to them one to the elder, complete, kowtow to convert of the soul.

From the dongshan back on, about noon, we at home sitting around two tables and together dining table for dinner. Of course, this is also the first no mother-in-law attend family meals. According to the old rules: elder brother to speak. Eldest brother etc female people from the kitchen mangwan one, he just takes a seat, slowly lift cup, he said: "I said two words." Paused, eldest brother eyes fell on brothers and sisters face, open your mouth, but not below, just as open the mouth. Suddenly, his hands shaking up the mugs, then, before we come to his senses, a disturbing voice from his throat ringing, he began to SOB, it is a kind of make person suffocate voice, if not timely accompanied by the tears, it will let all people feel weak life will be falling bottomless thou. Ok, eldest brother tears then a surge. In a flash, the tears have engulfed the dinner everyone's eyes. This is man's tears, I especially stressed is man's tears, this is not I have great man's doctrine, but at that moment tendency in their own I was puzzled tears. This problem I also passed a thought,ugg kids boots blackberry wine 5991
just had a probable answer. I think: others not to said he, personally, I was moved by man's tears.

Man's tears? Don't tear also points of men and women? When I was to points, firmly to answer this question. Why? This problem I did not pass the brain did answer: because a woman is water, tears but is their results of physical stress. As for man's tears, to use adage is called, 'men do not easily shed tears, just not to the sad. '


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