Never buy curtains again: 27 inspiring DIY curtains you can make yourself
I’m okay with the price of domestic plane tickets in general.

I know you were wondering.

Not that I enjoy paying for them, but I generally feel that transporting me through the air, defying gravity, is a service that should cost something. If Delta tried to send me to California for $3.99, I might feel suspicious.

However, based on my limited (and in some cases, nonexistent) knowledge of the world, there are many things that do cost more than they “should,” in The Economy According to Me. Here’s an incomplete list:

1. Lamps (Should be $10 a piece. Up to $50 if it’s fancy.)

2. Rugs ($2 a yard!)

3. Healthcare (Shazam, just dropped a current event on your face!)

4. Faucets

5. Underwear (How much did it REALLY cost you to make this tiny thing? Also, perhaps granny panties should be charged a different rate. But I don’t make the rules.)
Curtains and curtain rods.

Because curtains, after all, are just fabric. Much like underwear. And because they generally cost more than they “should,” curtains are an excellent candidate to make yourself. Today I’ve rounded up the most giant, inspiring list of DIY curtain ideas from some of my favorite DIY blogs so when it’s time to dress your nekkid windows, you can do so for less than the cost of a few pair of fancy-pants underpants.


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